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Cascading benefits of Green Chemistry

Are you ready to begin blending business operations with sustainable solutions?

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Our work today focuses on incorporating safe, circular materials and evaluating the processes throughout the value chain to enable organizations’ decisions in optimizing their practices and products. While we are mainly materials and supply chain focused, we wear many hats because we also recognize the infrastructure and systems management required in an organization to facilitate effective, lasting, and meaningful transformation.
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75% of change projects fail. Shift your qualitative discussion to a quantitative one that can be measured and debated.
Chemical and Material assessments from raw material extraction to next generation,
Bridging gaps throughout your Supply Chain, whether in relationships or pursuing material insights or optimizations,
Creating cohesiveness between Sustainability and all other Operations
Developing Green Procurement processes, which goes beyond Policies and starts with your Internal Framework!
Advice on EcoLabel decisions, their Bottom and Top Line Value, and preparation for them!
Integrate these and demonstrate their interconnectedness with Risk Management
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We are both the creators and the products of the situations we surround ourselves with. We believe in creating products and situations in which both people and planet can thrive for generations to come.

Cascading benefits of Green Chemistry

How do we create a foundation for all 17 SGS’s? Through the power of chemistry. MIND THE CHAIN enables companies to:

Gain insights to their products

Allow collaboration between Brands, Manufacturers,and their supply chain,

Integrate external experts, consultants, and advisors

Streamline data for eco-label certifications and regulatory reporting

Build technology roadmaps and identify figures of merit

Reciprocal Determinism in the Circular Economy

Behavior, cognition, and environment all influence each other. Have you ever acted in a way that you don’t “recognize”? Or that of someone else? The same goes for companies and their impact. Context matters; what were the conditions?


SDG’s are currently seen and understood publicly as separate entities and companies, but we’re not seeing change quickly enough.


…Because SDG’s are interconnected and your solutions are unique to your company. At MIND THE CHAIN, we take a systems approach toward driving effective and positive transformations for company’s sustainability initiatives.